Just Married!

October 2nd, 2008 • Posted in Life

Just married!Sixteen years ago, Pip and I met on March 22. The vernal equinox. The first day of Spring. The mark of a new beginning. Now that we can be legally married, it was only appropriate that we have our civil ceremony on September 22, the autumnal equinox.

We were married on a sunny Monday afternoon at City Hall. Since we have already been together for such a long time, we wanted to keep things small. Also, at City Hall, they limit the amount guests that can attend. Our witnesses included my mom, my brother Eric, and my best friends Kurtis and Michele. Pip’s best friend David, who was our best man at our first commitment ceremony in 1995, was there as well. Another close friend, Rochelle, came with her kids. Rochelle’s husband, Chaz, was there the night I met Pip. Kurtis’ boyfriend, Doug, generously offered to photograph our special day.

A lot of time was spent waiting in lines, applying for the license and waiting our turn to be married. As we waited, we wandered around City Hall with Doug taking photos. At our first ceremony, we didn’t really think about a professional photographer, but we have a lot of photos taken from disposable cameras. We may get those glamour shots this time around!

The ceremony itself was short but really heartfelt. We stood in the main rotunda surrounded by our family and friends. Although it was a standard civil ceremony, I was struck at how beautifully crafted it was.

Rochelle and the kids brought a bag of flower petals. As we left the building, we were showered with them. Afterwards, we took everyone out for dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. Again, although it was low-key, all that mattered is that we were surrounded by some of favorite people on our special day.

2 Responses to “Just Married!”

  1. DJ Checkpoint Says:

    Congrats Joel !!!! Wish you the best

  2. Anthony Says:

    Joel, congratulations! I didn’t realize you got married!!!! Very happy for you! Here’s hoping CA overturns Prop 8!