Indian Summer

October 31st, 2008 • Posted in Life, Music

BerlinThe past few weeks were beautifully warm and sunny, but as we near the end of October, I can feel the end of our indian summer as the temperatures drop and rain begins to fall. The colder mornings and shorter days are making it harder to get out of bed in the morning. At least we took advantage of the warm weather while we could.

On the weekend after we were married, we kept our tradition of hanging out at Folsom Street Fair with Chaz, Rochelle and David. It was a fun day of hanging out with friends, walking amidst the fun freaky nakedness, taking some photos, and enjoying a few cocktails. One of the main highlights was seeing Berlin live. Terri Nunn still sounds great and looks incredible. They performed a lot of the older hits as well as a new song off their soon-to-be-released album.

Lovefest 2008The following weekend was Lovefest. Market Street was overtaken by floats pounding out dance beats at high decibels with hoards of people following them like mice after the Pied Piper. After the floats parked around Civic Center, we did a lap around to check everyone out. The floats covered the gamut of the dance landscape, both literally and figuratively. Ultra Records had a huge float pumping out a more commercial house sound. Temple Nightclub had a white float that featured David Harness in the afternoon. I stopped by to say hi to David and got to take in the amazing view of the crowd. A lot of the lot of the local party collectives, like Qool and Pink Mammoth had floats. Even my new favorite gay bar, Truck, had a small but fun presence.

DuffyIn the middle of October we celebrated Kurtis’ birthday at his house with his friend and family. The next day we enjoyed a sunny day in Golden Gate Park at Alice Radio’s Now and Zen Festival. The main reason we wanted to go was to see the headliner, Duffy. Since early this year, we’ve been listening and loving her debut album, Rockferry. I have a weakness for soulful female vocals. She’s only played a handful of dates in the U.S., and Now and Zen was her only date in the Bay Area. Being the total geeky fans we are, we got there early so that we could be right up front to the stage. Our friend Kelly joined us later. Surrounded by mostly frantic teenage girls, we stayed in our spot the entire afternoon and enjoyed all the acts — Lenka, Sara Bareilles, Sugar Ray, and Gavin DeGraw. I thought Duffy’s set was short but awesome.

Last week was insanely busy but fun. I DJ’ed at a LGBT mixer and fundraiser, Out Together. However, what took a good chunk of my free time was Halloween at work. My co-worker Matt masterminded a haunted house for a company event. Being super creative, detail oriented and just a little crazy, he designed a haunted house with eleven distinct sets. This included a graveyard with a real hearse, a mad scientist’s lab with old equipment donated from one of our facilities, a ghost wedding complete with altar and skeleton priest, and a murder scene where the bloody victim would come life. One of my fun tasks was to design the sounds for all the areas. While we didn’t get to use the sounds everywhere, I think it added that extra something where did. After some frantic last-minute preparation, I slipped into my pirate costume and welcomed people as the wandered into our maze.

November quickly approaches. I fight the temptation to hibernate…

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